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SAP - Clean water system

6 good reasons to choose SAP

click to discover the innovative Clean Water System

Differing from the traditional washing cycle (see the 4 forces Section) the system SAP makes use of the following phases:


(duration 90'')
This phase involves spraying 3.5 litres of water(5 litres for the SAP 60) mixed with detergent at a temperature of around 55 C from the jets/nozzles. This water is recycled continually with the washing pump
(duration 30'')

The dirty water remaining in the washing drum is eliminated by the drainage pump. At the end of this phase the drum is completely empty

(up to 3.5 litres of water in the drum)
Clean water from the boiler is mixed with the rinse cycle additives (at a temperature of 85 c ) and by means of the water pressure is sprayed over the plates and glasses from the jets/nozzles. This cycle continues until all the water in the drum has been employed (3.5 litres for the SAP 43 & SAP48 , 5 litres for the SAP 60)
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